Using the 220 with the adapter hose.


Chris B

TVWBB Member
I have a 220 and have been using the adapter hose hooked up to a 20lb tank.

With the heat as high as it goes it takes about 10 minutes to get to 500 degrees. I initially had a problem where it only got up to 200 degrees, but read on the Weber site that when I use the hose I should open up the propane tank for a minute or so before turning the propane on at the grill, since the regulator may shut down thinking that there is a leak.

Is this temp to time good for this model, considering it is not completely closed on the sides? The flame doesn't appear to be very high, but since it is such a small space does it need to be? I am just afraid to add too much meat (i.e. a cold chicken) and dropping the temp and not being able to get the temp back up.

Should I take a take off the burner to check if anything is blocking the tube?

Thanks for any help.
I have the same set up and I think yours is performing ok. 500 degrees in 10 min. is pretty good for a grill with this amount of BTUs, ime. My Silver B with PCI grates probably takes 15 min to max out on preheat which would be 600, plus.