Using bricks in the 22" OTG for my 5 hour turkey cook...



The Circulon 18x15 turkey roasting pan ($30 now at Costco) fits on the grill grates inside the 22" OTG, but then the lid won't close. I'm going to have to improvise with some bricks on the bottom charcoal grate, and have the roasting pan lie on top of them.

I have never cooked with bricks before, but I know from this forum that it is a common practice. My questions are:

1. Does it matter what type of bricks I use? Home Depot sells both clay and cement bricks, and they look the same.

2. Will the bricks ever create any side effects to my food in a 5 hour cook?

3. Do I need to season or pre-bake the bricks before cooking them alongside my turkey?



Whatever type you get, I'd suggest wrapping them in at least a double-layer of heavy duty foil. The worst that could happen is they crumble, and being wrapped tightly in foil will mitigate that risk. The ones I use are basically brick-sized patio pavers. Well, technically they are the length & width of bricks, but only about 2/3 the thickness. I most often use them to partition the charcoal grate for multi-zone cooking, but have also put them in the bottom of a cooler (on top of some old towels) to keep foods warm when they finish earlier than expected. 4 bricks kept 15 lbs of pork plenty hot for 4 hours once. Just pre-heat in a 300 degree oven or grill for about an hour.


Thanks for the tips! I went ahead with foiling the bricks--it worked! I'll make a new post soon with pics.