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Well I don't post photos very often with all kids activities taking up a lot of time, but I do check in here often and comment when a question hasn't been answered yet. And to show that I can actually cook, some here is our dinner from last weekend. Had both set of parents over for their anniversaries so I fired up the WSM and went with Ribs and Roadside Chicken.

Also, three weeks ago I picked up this 6 bone pork roast that I cleaned the bones and cooked indirect on my 22. Hope you all enjoy as much as I enjoy viewing everyones's cooks.


Luke P

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That bone-in roast takes the cake for my taste buds. Looks juicy and tender. Nice clean bones for appearance too. Thanks for sharing.


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Wow, Kevin! All 3 items from those 2 cooks look great. Really nice color, looks like great textures, and the pork roast looks like it picked up some nice smoke. Spectacular!

Barb D

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Those are three awesome cooks and I'm sure everyone enjoyed them. Hope you can share more of your cooks with us.


Thank you for the kind comments. Just to clarify, the ribs and chicken were one cook and the same picture, just how the cutting board ends it looks like 2. As for the pork roast that really turned out great. I would have to look at my notes for exacts but kept the themps low and pulled around 145.