Turkey Time!


Karl Quist

We had dinner with my extended family on Thanksgiving, and I worked yesterday, so today was the day for our own little Thanksgiving dinner. We had a 14.5lb Buterball, and even though it is already injected with stuff, I did a scaled back mini-dry brine for 2 days in the fridge. While I was waiting for the coals to come up to temp, I put some pieces of butter under the skin and on top of the breast meat, lightly oiled the skin and sprinkled with some dried Italian herbs.


Onto the WSM with some cherry wood chunks for smoke. Outside temp was about 32F, but no wind. While the turkey was cooking, I made some stock with the backbone, neck, giblets, etc.


Cooked moderately hot and fast at about 300F. Turkey came off when the breast meat read 160F. Ready to come off:


After a 30 minute rest, and ready to slice up. Knife and fork at the ready.


On the table, and almost ready to eat. Not pictured: garlic mashed potatoes, mixed greens salad.


I'm usually a dark meat lover, and I had my fair share, but that breast meat was sooo gat dang tender and juicy! My son, who is a very picky eater (autistic) had 3 helpings of the breast meat. I'm calling that an absolute success.
I did two deconstructed turkeys for 16 people. I was nervous but it turned out well, and everyone left with some turkey and fixings for sandwiches. Everyone brought something so there was a lot of food. As usual I forgot to take pictures.:ROFLMAO: