Trouble in weber go anywhere paradise


George Curtis

TVWBB Olympian
So I have been going through my collection, cleaning and whatever. So today I pull out a gasser. After a few seconds I remember buying it at the second hand store for little. It did not have the regulator . It was and is new, never used. Well, except for me getting another regulator to just light it off. Burns good. Then reality hit when I have now found out that weber again messed with a good thing, over and over. I remember answering someone about parts fitting from one year to another. My issue is getting a new regulator. No original stuff. There is a red knob regulator but the feedback on it is really bad. Soooo, now my choice is to hope to find one on a beater, yes, I do have a few, or just order the newer style. Has anyone got any experiance with the newer regulator ? Weber brags about their quality , blah blah blah, and then makes it crap by discontinuing parts. Anyway, if anyone has experiance with this, I would appreciate a reply. Thanks,

Well, today going through things had to take out my old sunbeam table top grills. Looks near exactly like a ga. But this one uses lava rocks. As I had noticed before while searching, it had a regulator that i saw on the net. So i took it out and it fit perfectly in the weber. Even the clip to hold it in is exactly the same. So attached a canister and turned it on. The igniter would not light it off but a lighter did and it ran fine. The sunbeam regulator has a 66 jet which is one step bigger than the weber regulator 67 jet. So I'm going to see what I can find and go from there. Gotta buy them now before one cant find anything.