Top Teams question


Erich K

What, in your opinion, do you think sets apart the consistantly top winning teams (such as Jack's Old South, Chris Lilly, Mad Mamma, Dr BBQ!, etc.) from the rest of the pack? I suppose years of experience would be a big one...Thanks for all of your input this week and thanks Chris for arranging this!
Hi Erich,
There's no doubt that the folks you mentioned have a great natural ability to cook, and taste food. But I really think it's all the little details that sets these cooks apart. They don't ever say "That'll be good enough". They go the extra mile in every little detail. I know a guy that drives 45 minutes each way to get the best parsley.
New cooks are all looking for the secret ingredient. There is none. Hard work and an insane competitive spirit are what those folks have.