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Need to cook up a large Tomahawk steak to break her juice fast. 120 hours.
Additional issue: needs to be well or medium well.
Helpers: Gasser, oven, cast iron, stove, instant, no sous vide.

Currently thawing out.

Help. Best practice?


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Treat it like a small standing rib roast. I like a relatively low indirect heat (usually only one burner on the Genesis (front) and place the meat to the rear

Karl Quist

I recommend reverse sear too. 125F-ish is where I like to get mine before searing. Up to that point I just cook indirect.


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The good,

the bad,

the horror

Cooked it perfectly.
She said ah let me cut this up.
And please cook it more....
It was already 150...
The good
The lodge pan fits
The bad
All I got was the cleaned bone
The horror
It was over cooked even for me

But I do agree with the advice here. Cook slow, sear, eat.


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Additional issue: needs to be well or medium well.

I don't cook steak past medium, OK not intentionally... but if the target is 150, maybe do the initial cook to 130 or 135 and then sear? and a good long rest after the sear.

All that said, if that tomahawk just so happens to be a little "undercooked", having a hot CI skillet at the ready can sear a few slices to medium-well in a hurry. 15 seconds a side on a sliced piece of beef can sure make it look "well" done.



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During the rest she decided to cut it up and want it fried up in the pan more. It was close to perfect prior to this, thanks to advice I got here. So close.
Well at least it was on sale.

I had slow cooked it up to temp. Then seared in the pan. Then watched it all disappear...
Well at least my salad and chicken was good.
Thank you to all who brought me up to speed on this type. I will do this again, but prefer other steaks.

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The lesson has to be that there needs to be two steaks for ever cook moving forward. Even if you like yours done, you can take hers even longer to yep that is burnt. Every time I do steak I make sure I have the multiple steaks need to get the donenesses required. A whole Picanha cut into steaks works great for this, so does a whole flat meat that I can cut into steaks. The reason I really like these two is when cut I have some smaller thinner steaks and some larger thicker steaks. This allows the cooking time of each piece to be really close to each other while still ending at different levels of done.


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Typically I cook one steak. My wife likes hers burnt to the point that it make a "pleasing aroma to God" (basically she likes hers Old Testament style). So when I slice the steak after it's rest I leave the grill on and she puts the slices on the grill until burnt to her liking. Declaring them delicious