Time's Running Out! Post Your Questions for Famous Dave Now!


Chris Allingham

Staff member
We'll close the Q&A on Friday at 5:00pm Pacific Time, so Famous Dave will have a chance to answer any last questions before heading into the weekend. Please post your questions now!

Hey this is Famous Dave... will answer all I can tonight was at the World Pork Expo the last couple of days. Famous Dave's buys over 10 Million pounds of ribs a year and that doesn't even count pork butts and rib tips. OK so I am at the World Pork Expo yesterday...and the big news is that the Chinese are buying Smithfield and everyone is concerned about this purchase. The talk was about how different the hogs are over there in China and everyone was curious about the difference. Since we buy a lot of pork & ribs... everyone asked me how concerned I was...I said, "Of course I am really concerned... haven't you ever eaten at a Chinese restaurant? Did you ever see the size of the corn they grow over there???" ;o) "Famous Dave"