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RichPB (richlife)

TVWBB Wizard
A pic of what I've spennt time on the past month or so between cooks, etc. This is a refurbish of a sundial I carved years back -- second of a set. (The orginal -- my first carving -- is high on the wall in our sunroom.) This one was pretty bad with mildew after being mounted 5-6 years on the south side of our previous home. My next "new" project is a 40"x10" black walnut log to be carved as a base for it. (Quotes because the first helical cut on it was done in 2006 after I cut it from a tree that died behind our house. About two weeks ago I figured out how I want to finish it.) Also back on my agenda is a large black walnut stump titled "Aurora" that I've hand-carved on and off since 2008. Finally getting back to these after our move and refinishing the grill cabinet.