Thawing whole pork butts


John Furdyn

I tryied searching the site, but couldn't seam to find out much about just putting a whole frozen pork butt in the refigerator and letting it thaw out, no water.

About how long does it take to thaw a 6.4 lb whole bone in pork butt in the refrigerator ??

Any info appreciated.


Paul H

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John, cooked two frozen butts a few weekends ago. Came out great. Nice internal color when I pulled them apart. I've cooked them frozen or partially frozen before with no bad results

John Furdyn

Paul Thanks for your reply.

Did you cook yours low and slow or high heat ?

I'm planning a high heat cook, wonder how much longer the cooking times will be, as opposed to not frozen times ?

K Kruger

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Yup, you can cook from frozen or partially so.

In my fridge I allow 2.5-3 days for a butt that size to thaw.

Shawn W

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<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">About how long does it take to thaw a 6.4 lb whole bone in pork butt in the refrigerator ?? </div></BLOCKQUOTE>It depends on how cold your fridge is, and if it's opened a lot. So it will just take a bit of practice to learn how it goes in your fridge. You can start it in the sink in cold water or finish in the sink in cold water to speed things up. I turbo defrosted one in the sink the other day, it took about 6 hours.

As previously mentioned, you can also cook it frozen, see Kevin's detailed explaination in this thread, item: Cooking FROZEN Pork Butt Ok?

Eric Aarseth

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I have two pork butts in the fridge that have been thawing since Saturday (its now Wed = 4+ days). About 33% thawed.

As I type, I'm watching AB (Good Eats) and his duck show. He discusses thawing. The winner, as discussed in many threads here, is a slow trickle of cold water over the meat. My butts are going to receive a slow trickle tomorrow night if they don't get thawed.