Thanksgiving Leftovers Casserole


Lew Newby

R.I.P. 1/26/2024
I like trying stuff. Last year I wanted to do a leftovers casserole but didn't have enough leftovers. This year I had plenty. I read through a Pioneer Woman recipe and Allrecipes version, took what I wanted from each, and then assembled my version. I built it according to the size of the Corning Ware dish that I figured would yield about 6 servings. There's no pressure here. ;) I'm only cooking for the 2 best cooks in the family, they're both Grandmas, my daughter co-authored a cook book, and I'm not in their league. I was so nervous when they took that first bite. They loved it and cleaned their plates. Laura suggested that I add Cranberries or Craisens to the recipe so I'll do that next time.11-25-22 Thanksgiving Leftovers Casserole.jpg