Thanks Mike


Dan N.

I guess today is your last day with Q&A. Since I am the one (maybe) that got you into this - a big thanks. Hopefully you have found a new group of friends here and hope you will keep posting.

Just one comment - I'm not the engineer type that some of these guys are. Weber has made some fine products. Ya, I do some mods - reversed Smokey Joe grate to keep small pieces from dropping through, aluminum foil pan, etc. But not much else. It works if people will just get to know their unit (each one is probably different). Too many people expect to get results immediately that many of us have taken years to learn. This is a great site to cut that learning experience down to a shorter period of time.

Hopefully our paths will cross. We will be doing competions this summer. Keep looking under the Competition threads.

Again - thanks Mike for your time and your input in to creating some great products.

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Mike Durso

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You know it, brother. I want that Schlitz too. Thank god they saved chicago after the fire that started when Mrs. o'learys cow kicked over a smoker..

for all the engineering i do and ideas i have and that, a lot of times i keep it simple. people as me to hot rod guitar amps, put performance parts on their bikes and all that, but for me i keep it simple.

yeah.. it's been fun. i'll be watching the yahoo group too. I'll be lurking a little mor publicly here too.


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