Thank you for the response


Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Thanks Jamie, I think if you look around on the forum you will see many who have tried the vortex and are very impressed with the results, me included. Might not be something that you would put in a recipe book.... yet. With your amazing talents I could see many new recipes coming out in the future using one.
Just FYI, Barb who is my wife and who is also a forum member has used your recipes to learn grilling and now is learning how to use our WSM. With ten Weber's in our backyard she is having a lot of fun. Makes a killer smoked meatloaf;)
Thanks, Rich. I'll definitely look into that. I love hearing that you and Barb are having a good time with outdoor cooking. You guys have such nice weather for it. If you ever want to share some tips on smoked meatloaf, I'm all ears. If you post them on my FB page, I'm sure others would also enjoy it. Thanks.