Temperature (fan) control for something like a WSM?


Joseph Garcia

New member
Not a Webber but I put my money down on the Wildfire 4 in 1 grill Kickstarter. It is an 1,100° pizza oven, a small kettle grill, has an Asado attachment and a warming zone on top.

To get to 1,100° it has a blower fan that pushes air up in to the kettle and then down through the coal bed but I would like to make it a WSM style vertical smoker too, with a fan to control the temps around 250° for smoking. The goal is to do wood fired pizza, seared steaks, slow cooked Bar-b-que and some sides without needing a separate pizza oven, offset smoker, kettle grill and hot plate. I should be able to do it all in one shot if I schedule the slow cooked Bar-b-que properly and do the wood fired pizza, seared steaks and sides while the Bar-b-que is resting.

So while I'm waiting for the (hopefully) September ship date, I want to determine what the best temperature controller would be.

First I want good control and would prefer a thermocouple for temp control.

Second I want food temperature measurement with either thermocouples or thermistor, at least two channels for that.

I have read about open lid compensation and want that but being a small kettle grill, I want a low fuel warning too so I can add more lump charcoal while there is still enough heat to light it and continue the cook.

Network connectivity to send email or SMS alerts to my phone would be very nice.

Easy to use, durable and inexpensive would be nice too.

So what fan controller is going to check off my wish list or come close?

Thanks for the help.