Temp. Probe


Mike Erdkamp

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I was at KOHL'S dept.store last week and saw a PYREX digital thermometer and timer on sale.Reg.price $27.95 on sale 25% off and had a mail coupon for another 30% off.Got it for about 14 bucks.Has alarm and timer.Not to be used over 400 degrees.Also picked up the instant pocket model,about 7 bucks and change.What do you think good deal or not.Mike
Good deal, You can usually find the Accu-Rite digital Therms (prior name Taylor) at Target for $14-$16, and the instant pocket, while not instant is a good tool to have if you don't want to invest in a Thermapen right now, which is as close to instant as you can get.
Thermopen is made by thermoworks. It's an instant read providing accurate temps in a few seconds.

I bought mine online about a year ago.

It was around $80 but worth every penny. No more guess work.

Worth the investment IMO.