Tell Us About Your Weber Grills


Chris Allingham

Staff member

In your new book, there's a photo of you with your stable of grills. I see a Weber kettle with rotisserie, a 22.5" Smokey Mountain Cooker, a Ranch kettle, and a Weber chimney starter. Nice collection!

Tell us what you like about your Weber grills, how you use them, what you like to cook on them, etc.
I love weber products!!! I use my big ranch kettle for large barbecue parties. I love my Smokey Mountain cooker or bullet as I call it because you can get that old time flavor of smoking over smoldering coals where the meat juices drip directly on to the coals and then they explode sending tasty particles of deliciousness all over the meats! Then I love the basic weber kettle but I also encourage people to spend just a few more dollars and get the spit. There is nothing better than meats that have been rotisserie'd over a bed of charcoal and a nice hard wood log for smoke. I probably use my Weber Kettle the most as I do all my steaks in there plus there is one attachment besides the rotisserie that's almost a must and that's the Pizza Stone for Weber Kettles... people just can't get over how tasty pizza on the grill is and how crusty the crust... just like the coal fired pizza joints in old New York City. Plus I think the best wire brush out there is the triangle wire brush made by weber... good stuff. A great way for anyone to throw a barbecue party!!! "Famous Dave"
As you do not use a water pan in the WSM or bullet as you have named it, do you use both grates to cook or just one grate and which one?