Tell me about your first brisket on the smokefire.

Brisket is on. Running smoke boost for about 90 minutes. I put a foil pan with the trimmings under the brisket. Time for a cup of coffee and feed the dogs. They supervised the transfer of meat to the smokefire. 🐶
It was a successful brisket, but the cooking part of the equation may need some tweaking. The SmokeFire operated flawlessly. No issues with pellet feeding, it ran for over 11 hours before I leveled the pellets to add more. Temp control was rock solid. It used about 19 lbs of pellets over 15 hrs.

I think I should have increased the temp to 250 sooner in the cook, and also to 275 later. 9 lb brisket should not take 15 hours to cook?

The end result was very juicy, and had excellent tasting bark. Oh, and a nice smoke ring. I unintentionally made burnt ends on part of the flat that tasted great.

Overall, this was a great learning experience and I'm looking forward to trying it again soon.

Brisket for lunch and dinner today!

Happy Memorial day everyone. 🍻IMG_2071.JPGIMG_2072.JPGIMG_2075.JPGIMG_2077.JPGIMG_2056.JPG
And this is the beauty of these "machines". There is some kind of magic that happens in them that transcends the basic "oh there is heat and smoke". IDK what it is. Maybe it has to do with it being like a convection oven with the fan and all, or the way the fuel burns? All I know is I am hooked on it. Although yesterday for my cook I had asparagus on the Q. With those SS grates is is an asparagus cooking machine (actually any veg). As it's a cross between griddle and grill and you get the best of both worlds. Then I fired up the Wolf and got a non stick half sheet pan, nice knob of butter, a few drops of water, a nice batch of fresh green beans, covered with foil for steam and put them on. Wasn't revolutionary but, I did not have to turn the stove on and watch everything. It was all done outside.
Congrats Bob, that's a thing of beauty. I love to fry leftover Brisket in a CI Skillet and eat it just like that or then chopped into a taco, excellent leftover
I could easily live with just the SmokeFire, so far it has done whatever I asked it to do with great results. The convection, and smoke production, are what make these pellet grills turn out great bbq. Right now I'm just enjoying the ride while trying to master the art of cooking on this beast of a smoker.

As a long time Weber fan, I can say they did a lot of things right with the SmokeFire.

Food taste testers in pic, Codey & Lilly. This food in this pic is from a pork tenderloin cook on the silver A.IMG_1952.JPGIMG_1829.JPG