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I've been enjoying the Technivorm, no problems, good flavor.

The motor in my grinder (Baratza Encore / SBUX barista), I think, is starting to overheat so I've been looking around @ coffee stuff today as I bought a new motor & other parts to freshen the grinder.

I googled Wilfa Precision Coffee maker & found this for ~$90, it looks interesting and seems to be a decent unit, at about 30% of its normal cost rt now. Not sure if it's a good buy or not, & I prefer a vacuum carafe rather than a hot plate / glass carafe.



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Interesting looking machine. I got an OXO Barista Brain 9 cup. Had some issues with the first one but OXO replaced it and so far so good. It makes an AMAZING cup of coffee and is far more efficient with it's "use" of coffee beans than the BUNN coffee makers are I had. It brews very hot. I did measure temps and it does come in right at just under 200F brew temp where as the BUNN talked a good game temp wise but never could achieve that 200F brew temp. So I think the OXO simply coaxes more flavor from the beans than the Bunn

Steve Haack

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Has someone been rooting around in my kitchen taking pictures of my aeropress and cheap steel french press?!

I kind of want one of the really highly recommended automatic brewers, and I kind of don't want to spend that much money on something I don't have the counter space for. I'm currently using a homemade clay pourover my mother in law made for me.

Hoffman's suggested technique for really clean French Press coffee popped up in my youtube mentions, and I gave it a try a couple of weeks ago. It came out really clean the first 3/4, but my half of the pot had some of the regular sludge in it. Good taste though! I'd be curious if anyone else with a cheap steel french press has tried it.

The Ultimate French Press Technique

Len Dennis

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While im watching the vid I'm writing my method:

What I do: using a f press and philippine arabica (med roast); brita; soft water. 200oF and 10 gm coffee/sprinkle of fresh ground kosher salt/500 ml water all for 2 mugs.

1) 60 gm per 1000mi-->20 gm is perfect for me & Lorraine. 60 sent shivers through us both. Cream helped but i usually have mine black.
2) sits for 4 min (with a timer)
3)press slowly (basically just the weight of my hand)

My press is double wall aluminum so can't really see when it's just at the coffee. Need to feel the resistance.

I'll try tomorrow and see what happens.

I will sometimes get some sludge in the cup but not much. I'm thinking that it's brewing for 10 minutes plus his 3x the coffee I normally use. I'd try his method 1x but would not be optimistic.


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While im watching the vid I'm writing my method:

When I was doing FP every day I settled on 205F or so, steep for 7 minutes, then press. I'll just press less next time I try. I generally go for for French Roast beans, a lot heavier amount since i got the TV.

Steve Haack

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We are usually a little below the 1:15 ratio that gets thrown around pretty often. I use about 28-30g for my wife's coffee in the morning, just over 500g, and for me 32-35g for just over 600g water, but that's also in my pourover vs french press.

Did the press again this morning, she thought the first batch I tried a couple of weeks ago was better. Unfortunately I didn't precisely mark the grind, just knew about on the grinder where I was.

Len Dennis

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Alright, I tried the method in that video and well, IMO don't bother.

Made my usual this time using Philippine Pure Arabica. 2 2/3T (20gm IIRC) in 500ml of 200o water (my kettle has selectable temps) in my double-walled aluminum FP. Stirred gently and waited.

I waited my usual 4 minutes after adding the 200oF water. Then gently scooped out the stuff still floating on the top (a surprising amount of coffee as I discovered). Put the lid back on and waited 7 min.

Pressed (aluminum wall so cant see level of screen) till I felt a bit of resistance.

Poured and drank.

It was a wee bit stronger than usual and yes, there was fewer grounds in the cup. BUT I don't get many dregs with my usual 4 min and press version anyways.

CONCLUSION: don't bother. If your screen pulls out the coffee in a satisfactory manner using your regular method, don't bother changing your procedure. In the end, my efforts made little to no difference.
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Nancy M

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Having had a Mocha Master for 2 years, I can provide my experience:

From day 1 I realized I had purchased an expensive machine after falling for the hype of the "golden cup" certification, and rave reviews.
It is a well made drip coffee maker with absolutely no features. I have the SS vacuum carafe, vs the heated glass carafe.

This unit does no more to add taste than any other drip machine. All it does is heat water, and sprinkle it over the grounds.
It uses paper filters (which for some purists is an issue).

Lots of great reasons to buy it - exclusivity, well made, attractive, simple to use and clean (and descale).
Taste enhancement isn't one of them.

After 2 years, I have had an issue where I cracked the fill reservior. Simple you would think to get a new part.
The Canadian and US distributors wont sell parts, but if you ship on your dime ($$) for a flat fee ($$$) they will send you a refurb upon receiving your old one.
Parts are available if you dig deep enough overseas (what I did), and one US site.
That the Manufacturer wont provide customers a cost effective option of shipping you an inexpensive part, but wants you to spend 30-50% of the original value of an expensive appliance is the best reason not to buy one. Read the warranty - not all parts are warranted. Even if you have an accident with a warranted part and just want to buy the part to fixt it - you are hosed.

I have a good grinder, and the coffee surface area, and contact time are all in the control of the brewer based on grind, not the machine.

Good coffee:
- cold activated carbon filtered water
- good whole bean coffee
- experiment with a good burr grinder till you nail the volume and grind of coffee that makes you look forward to that special cup

Avoid the expensive Technivorm with a manufacturer that only wants to take you to the cleaners for the sale, and then for service.
Just my experience and advice.


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Sounds unfortunate for you! One of the things that sold me on it was the ability to self repair, plus I liked the heating element.

I just repaired my burr grinder, kind of strange repairing stuff instead of throwing it out.

What's your favorite maker, and are you into BBQ/grilling too? I use a reusable filter, no paper. Some of the fines get into the bottom of the pot but that doesn't bother me.