Steam n chips #9879 for sale

Stefan H

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So I think this is really my last piece of old Weber HW. I think... lol
I have a brand new Steam-n-chips smoker set for the Genesis Silver/Gold. It has never been used. Part Number 9879.
This is NOT for the older Genesis x000 with the 13 flavorizer bars. For that you will need the smoker box #9880. This one is for the grills with 5 flavorizer bars running East West.
It is the smoker box and the shortened enameled channel formed grate. I also have a new and unused full size enameled grate in addition.
was thinking about $20 plus shipping. I might be able to squeeze all that into $22 flat rate USPS box.


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Stefan H

TVWBB Wizard
No not really: this is for the grills with 5 flavorizer bars only. Weber made a deeper smoker box for the x000 series with part number 9880.