Standard Noob- 2 Smokes in- need advice on 2 7# turk breasts.


Don Sanders

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Morning and Happy post apocalypse.

I have 2- 7# boneless skinless turkey breasts. Plan on brining today for smoking tomorrow. I know I gotta get started on the brine, but have a couple quick questions on the temp and time for the meat. I plan to follow the directions on the link for the Turkey Breast on this site ( based on those, I'm looking at several hours (approx 8) for these two at the temps listed- I just don't want them to be done too quick if I go at 225-250.

Re-assurance or suggestions welcome!

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James H

You could err on the side of starting a little later, you can always kick up the heat a little to finish off at the end

Don Sanders

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I appreciate the replies Tim and James.

Let me first apologize for not posting pictures. I love all of the posts with pictures and feel like they really help.

I ended up brining the two 7 pounders using the Apple Juice Turkey Brine located here ( Both were netted and about the size of footballs. I added fresh ground pepper with fresh ground allspice (about 1 tbl spoon combined) to the brine. Total time in the mixture was 10 hours. I pulled them out and hit them with some fine garlic powder. Then let them sit in the fridge over night.

I fired up the wsm about and had them smoking by 8:00 the next morning. The temp outside was around 29 degrees and my temp at the lid was about 250 when the turkey went on. (This is with a full cage of unlit coal and a full chimney added on top- water pan half full - all vents wide open). I chose applewood for the smoke. After about an hour I noticed my temp had settled in at around 240 at the lid.

I checked my meat temp at 10:00- I was closer than I thought I would be (around 120 for each). At this point, and I apologize again for not having pictures, I melted a half a stick of butter and brushed them both. The time it took to do this (about 3 minutes) spiked my temp (at the lid) to around 290-300 degrees for the remainder. By 11:15 both internal turkey temps were right at 160 and they were done. I wrapped them in foil to sit for 20 mintues, then sliced them up. Total cook time was approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes.

The best indicator for results to me, like others on this site is everyone was going back for seconds. Personally, with a regard for objectivity as the cook, I haven't tasted many better. That brine was magic- I wasn't sure about it due to it being uber sweet, but I will definitely use this one again. I may wrap one in bacon next time because the combination of bacon grilled turkey is one of my favorites. No other change is needed.