Spare Rib Yields?

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Rob B.

Has anyone ever done any weighing of spares pre and post cook to see how much weight is lost? I'm thinking it can't be much more than 1/4 pound per 3 pound slab, but that's just a guess.

I'm selling spares this Friday for "Barbecue Fridays" and need to make sure I buy enough. I'm selling them by the pound.


Ines Burriola

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Hi Rob, I think the best bet and most common practice would be to sell them be the rack or half rack. I would check around and see what they sell for at local Q joints and set price accordinly.


Rob B.

That's what I was originally going to do Chach (sell by the slab and 1/2 slab). I did call the local Q place a couple of weeks ago, and they sell theirs by the pound. So I just matched their price of $8.00 per. With my profit margin being kinda tight on ribs, selling by the pound seemed like the best bet. And since these events are prepay, it's been working out OK. I guess I'll just buy an extra slab or 2 to cover weight loss, and buy what's left myself. /infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif

Kevin Taylor

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I can't help on the final yield and I have never heard of a Q joint selling ribs by the pound. Just be aware when comparing against competitors that you are comparing apples to apples.

Around here, $18 is the going rate for a rack of ribs at the restaurants. However, this is for 1 1/4 - 1 1/2lb. racks. So, If I want to sell my 2 1/4lb. baby backs, I would need to charge much more than $18. This was somewhat of a dilemna when I was thinking about opening a joint.

I don't think I could have charged $27 per rack. I would need to explain that my racks weigh more and will feed more, but that would have fallen on deaf ears. Too many folks just look at the price per rack.

This shouldn't be a problem for you as long as the local joint sells by the pound.

Jim Knight

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There are a couple fellows who set up gas grills at various roadside locations. They sell for $20 per rack and fairly small racks. I bought one before I discovered how good slow cooked ribs could be. They had good flavor, but too tough for anyone except those who still have all their teeth. Regardless, they sell all they can cook and often have people waiting for another batch go come off the grill. The smoke smell draws them in.

Smokin' Jim in NC
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