Smokey Sour



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We fired up our brand-spanking-new WSM last Sunday, and while digging around for smoker recipes, stumbled onto a recipe that inspired this cocktail.

We halved some lemons and smoked them (hickory and pecan, that's what we had) for about 90 minutes at about 240. When they came off the grill, I squeezed the juice out and strained it to remove the pulp - the lemons kind of 'splode when juiced hot! The juice was a little bitter, next time I might try a sweeter wood like apple or cherry.

Smokey Sour

3 oz. good Bourbon (Maker's Mark, etc.)
1 oz. smoked lemon juice
2 tsp sweetener (simple syrup or agave nectar)

Shake with ice, serve on the rocks with a maraschino cherry