SmokeFire’s back on sale! 🔥


Darian Hofer

Is D2 a technology or marketing term for someone's PID controller? SmokeFire has a PID controller but the software needs work.
Lew, D2 is probably just the name given to their companies controls. But it supposedly learns and gets better the more you use it.
What does the “PID” stand for with Weber?

Darian Hofer

PID is Proportional, Integral, Differential. D2 is just someone's name for their PID controller. It's the latest evolution in Pellet Grill controllers.
To be clear, which one are you saying is the latest evolution?
Proportional, Integral, Differential sounds like the name for some fancy, limited slip traction control system on my Subaru. Ha Ha


TVWBB Member
PID is a term used for a few different manufacturers controllers, it doesn’t refer to just Weber or anyone else. PID controllers are more accurate than the older generation of controllers that dumped pellets on a timer vs actual feedback from the grill. I wouldn’t get too hung up on the marketing terms, just stick with a PID when shopping for your pellet cooker.


Brian B Atlanta

Just got an email yesterday from Weber on the $200 off ends Nov 14th not extended for the time being. So anyone on the fence you got till Nov 14th if that is what you are looking for.