Smoked Salmon - light on sugar and salt

Robert McGee

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I cook Salmon, Steelhead, and as of this evening, Cod on a plank (Cedar) on my OTG. It only takes 15-20 minutes of actual cook time and it is flat wonderful.

Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I may try the WSM (for fish) before the summer is over but I sure do like planked fish...


Mark Wilson

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well i tried it!! I used a cedar plank that is sold for cooking (grilling the fish on top of) as the smoking wood in my WSM, it was terrific. I cured the samon over night with salt and Brown sugar, it pulled almost half acup of moister out of 2 3/4 pound steaks. Rinsed the salt and sugar off, patted them dry and on the smoker they went.

I watched to keep the heat low 190 and had a split cedar plank and a chunk of apple wood on the coals. I cooked it for 2 hours intil fish temp was 145. Perfect

Served it with a cream Lemon butter sauce. was Great

Tom Walch

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Looks like it's time to oil up the fishin reel. Kevin the recipe sounds awesome. I love smoked salmon as well as planked salmon.
Up in Alaska they use a lot of alder wood too. I have found alder wood planks at Orchard Supply Hardware here in Calif.
Let preface by saying that I'm not big on fish and when I do eat it, it's mainly because it's the healthier choice. I've been getting down on the WSM for years - all beef, pork and bird. I tried this recipe tonight for dinner with the wife (with a lovely bottle of Pinot Grigio) and all I can say is WOW! Unbelievably delicious and the best piece of fish I've ever had. same for the wife and, unlike me, she does enjoy fish regularly. Melt in your mouth with flavor off the charts. Just used two small chunks of apple wood which was just enough for that lovely smokey flavor but not overwhelming. Cut back on the salt (Morton) by one tablespoon, but that's the only difference.

So thank you for this thread and recipe. I have a "go to" now for fish and no doubt I'll be impressing lots of people.

Don Gross

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I love this recipe, and have made it many times (including last week). I almost always serve it with a toasted corn and black bean salsa.

The leftovers (I always do a whole side of fish) are great on a salad or in a dip. They freeze well, too.