Smoke Day Tri-tips!!

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RichPB (richlife)

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For Smoke Day, I decided to go with two tri-tips and friends and family. These were my first tri-tips which I bought (a couple of weeks apart) from my local butcher. When I unwrapped them for the cook, I was shocked at how different they looked. One was well marbled and "grainy", the other looked lean and more like a strip steak "striated". I was really concerned about whether they were actually both tri-tips, but I had watched as they were removed from a whole sirloin.

Anyway, I prepped one with a paprika/brown-sugar rub and the other with Montreal Steak Seasoning. I bound them both with butcher's twine to get more uniform roasts, and put them on the top grate using Stubbs briquettes and oak chunks. The WSM promptly soared off to 290* and took it's time coming down, so both cooked much faster than I had anticipated. Into the cooler at 125*.

At carving time an hour later, they both cut smoothly, both were quite rare (had to cook slices more for some folks, and both were fantastic! Tender like rib-eye rather than tenderloin, but truly excellent.

There was most of one roast left over. From it, a 1 1/4" steak seared quickly on the grill came off on the med side of medium-rare, but was still a great steak. Will be doing that again tomorrow with a friend who couldn't make Smoke Day.

So if you've ever wondered or had doubts about preparing a tri-tip, go to it. I bet you'll love the result.

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