Smoke Day 9 From Bronx , NY :)



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OK so I got the WSM 22 going for the first time and I gotta say im loving it so far :D .. filled the ring with a 20lb bag and a couple fistful fulls of KB , then dropped about 20 pieces of lit on it with about 6 small chunks of apple wood and about 4-5 large chunks of cherry wood all vents wide open .

Started it about 8pm and by 8:40 WSM was up to temp of 250 , closed bottom vents added 2 pork butts of 7 and 9lbs on bottom and then put a 11.5lb packer on the top grate , put lid back on . Opened bottom vents all the way to bring temps back up to about 270 then closed bottom vents to about 1/4 and top vent wide open , its going steady at 250 :p ....

If butts are done early enough i'll throw in about 5 st.louis ribs on the bottom grate . If not i'll fire up my offset and throw the ribs and about 5 beer can chickens on that . also making ABT's and Moink balls .... wife made a seafood pasta salad that's in the fridge and making the baked beans Chris has on the VWB cooking topics ;) . forgot to take pics of the before butts or brisket was busy getting the food and house ready for tomorrow .

Heres some I did take ..... in one pic youll see I put a beach chair umbrella on the WSM , had to remove the handle to get it on . Have had a lot of rain last 2 days , its just in case a shower pops up tonight . Using a single probe maverick for the pork butts , and an Igrill to keep track of the WSM temps and the brisket . hope I posted the pics the right way ... ill make sure to take all the after pics and post them up as soon as I can , if I can't get to the comp tomorrow , Happy Smoke Day in Advance ;:wsm: !!!!!


thanks john .. going on 4 hours and its at 265-270 . Wind is a steady 20+mph in NYC tonight with gusts 30+ , so im not to concerned with the higher temp . I have both bottom vents closed and top vent at 1/4 open . I'm thinking of buying the Cajun door as I think that's where the wind is getting in , might install a gasket kit also but ill try the door first .
Carlos, what are you running on the iPad? Looks like igrill, but that doesn't look like the controller ?
John it is the igrill , there's 2 apps on the App Store that is the latest one they have , ran the whole cook with it from 8pm Friday till about 4pm this afternoon , and didn't need to change batteries , thinking of purchasing another one , it worked great for me ! ;) I'll post pictures hopefully tomorrow , Happy Smoke day everyone , hope you had a great one !!!!!
JSchlegelmilch ,
charcoal ring was packed and then some, plus plenty of wood chunks , winds kept the temps up but by morning it was a nice steady 250-260 . I added charcoal twice as I had some ABT's , moink balls and beer can chicken going on another smoker , moved them over to the wsm and all the food was done by 3:30 . I'm officially loving my WSM ;) .
So my smoke day BBQ was a success ! Food was done way before guests arrived and everyone was able to leave with a small tin to take home and still had plenty of leftovers for me and my family . I made one small mistake though i chopped up the point to make burnt ends and through the rush to get ready i left it in the cooler , no biggie though told wife to throw it in the crock pot with some BBQ sauce and I'll have it for dinner tomorrow night ... Here some pics I was able to take ....

Brisket and pork butts right before I took them off ..

One of the pork butts before being pulled ..

Brisket flat ..

Ribs ..

Pulled pork ..

Beer can/Dr.pepper chicken..

Moink balls ..


BBQ sauces I made ...
Looks like you covered all of my favorite bbq eats!!! Nice job everything looks delicious...