Second Smoke of the Weekend


Mike Freel

For day 2 of my extended Smoke Day/Weekend I fired up the 18 in WSM and laid a nice rack of St Louis style ribs. Part way through I placed a pot of beans on the lower rack to b are while catching the drippings from the ribs.
While these were smoking I got out the old manual crank ice cream freezer I had inherited from my folks and made a freezer full of ice cream that went nicely with the cherry pie my wife baked. Although it was baked in our oven instead of on a grill or smoker it still was delicious. IMG_2814.jpeg IMG_2832.jpeg IMG_2841.jpeg IMG_2839.jpeg tempImageo5a7ql.png IMG_2842.jpeg

Michael Richards

TVWBB Gold Member
I love every one of those pictures and the plate shot is a great photo, but I will admit that I still want to see the desert plate!!! Homemade ice cream and cherry pie, I a picture and a plate of that!!!