Rotisserie vs. the Performer does it fit?


Rich Dahl

TVWBB 1-Star Olympian
Okay I’m going to try here because I think more people come into this section then the accessory section.
I was thinking of getting a Weber 2290 rotisserie set for my performer but when I read the reviews on Amazon and the Weber site it seems Weber says and one other on Amazon says it won’t fit the performer. So do any of you performer owners have one and does it fit okay, for the life of me I can’t see why it wouldn’t.
It works fine. This is truly one of the best accessories you can buy for your kettle. There are no issues with it fitting the Performer. The bottom of the Rotisserie insert may touch 3 bolts that hold the lid stow assembly item on the inside of the grill, but this does not affect performance or cause any issues with either the rotisserie or grill.

The current incarnation of the 2290 rotisserie (without the tabs, but rather a tight-fitting ring to support it) is designed with several notches so that the lid bale bolts/nuts are not an issue. You will not have a problem using it on your performer. The older style did not have notches, so it rested a bit high by sitting on those bolts, but was still very functional.
have the old style and it works, but out of round. Now I am not sure about now, if they make them better, but if not, Cajun Bandit is the way to go. It will fit any 22 weber kettle or you can buy one that fits the kettle AND the WSM. Just my opinion. I prefer the C. B.

I have the discontinued 9890 rotisserie...will that work on both the old and new weber rotisserie ring, should I find one on CL? Additionally, it should fot on the Cajun Bandit ring, right?
Thanks guys for your responses. I really could not see why it would not work except for maybe the lid holder bolts. I have one for my gasser but want to be able to do some smoking also.
Pete said it best Rich, one of the best accessories you can buy. When I sold my 22 and the rotisserie I had a custom ring made for my 26 I liked the roti that much. Now C/B makes one. The tighter fitting new model would give better air control for LNS.