Rotisserie for a Weber OTG


Tim Murphy

Dear Board,

I asked this same question on the Weber gas grill forum where I want a rotisserie for a Genesis 310. Now I'd like to ask you about rotisserie kits for the Weber 22" OTG. I'd like to be able to do rotisserie chicken and the occasional beef or pork roast. I would like a rotisserie with a 110V electric motor if possible but a battery powered unit will also work for me.

It looks like my choices are all made by aftermarket companies. The and Cajun Bandit seem to be the only choices. Are there any other options? Is there a brand you would recommend, or a brand I should avoid?

Thanks in advance,

Tim Murphy

Harrisburg, PA :)
Dear Steven,

Thank you for the suggestion. It's the same price as all the others I've found and now that I have a recommendation I'll probably get one for myself after Christmas.

Thanks again,

Tim Murphy

Harrisburg, PA :)
We're very happy with our Cajun Bandits! We have one for our 18.5" Jumbo Joe and one for our 26.75" Kettle. Jumbo Joe for just my wife and I and maybe a couple friends, 26.75" for the big crowds, I've done 2-14lb turkeys at same time on the 26.75".
Should also mention the Gabby's Grills, they make a Santa Maria conversion for the Weber kettle and they also have brackets for a rotisserie. They list these on craigslist, I think they're out of Santa Maria, home of the tri-tip!

The rodizio thing looks pretty cool! I don’t quite know why he used the pan instead of simple banking to the center using baskets to keep things tidy? Who knows I don’t really care it really looks fantastic!