Rotisserie anyone?


T Waite

TVWBB Super Fan
Who's using them, and what would be a good unit for my G1k? It looks like the original is no longer made.

Would like to be able to do a couple chickens, more if they'll fit. Maybe a turkey.

T Waite

TVWBB Super Fan
I installed a universal Chargrill that I got from Home Depot onto my Genesis redhead. Works great!

One of them $29 jobs? I was looking at one the other day...walked away thinking that it couldn't be worth dookey for that kind of money. However, if you say it works it might be worth a shot, especially since I really don't know how much I will end up using it. I'd hate to spend $125 on one and never put it to use.

Thanks for the heads up!

Eric S.

I have the onegrill and it is a nice product. Now that I have a WSM, the rotisserie has been collecting dust. If it were me I'd try one of the $29 jobs.