Rosemary Vodka in a moscow mule?

Arun L.

Someone gave me one packet of moscow mule mix to make a moscow mule.

The vodka that I have is rosemary infused. I put rosemary in it because most of the time, I use vodka to make bloody mary's, and I like how that turns out.

Should I use that same vodka for the moscow mule? I only have 1 packet, so I can't make multiple batches.

I see some recipes on the internet for a rosemary vodka mule, but am still not sure if it will be good, since the vodka has a strong rosemary taste.

The vodka is almost out anyways, so I have to get more. I can use some from the new bottle, before I put the rosemary in it, if that's what's best.

I am probably not going to make moscow mules in the future. They're ok, but I just have other drinks I like making more. So this is likely a one-off for me.