Rockwood Lump in 18.5 WSM

Robert C

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I have noticed some of my recent smoke sessions resulted in overly smokey meat. I go between KBB and RO briquettes. I watch to make sure I have a clean fire before putting the meat on and use a couple to no chunks of pecan. I was amazed to see how clean the lump charcoal started right from the beginning. I loaded 3/4 ring and started minion with 15-18 fully ashed briquettes. Virtually no white smoke! It's about 70 degrees and cooking a small pork butte. Any guess's how long a burn I will get at 275-280? Can I add additional lump without getting white smoke?


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I never tried Rockwood, but with regular RO lump I get 4-5 hrs @ those temps. I always load the ring fully and light it with a propane torch.
You can add more with little or no white smoke. Easiest way is to do a " hot squat" which means you remove the middle section and add more fuel.
Let that get going before you put the mid section back on. Easier to do if you added handles and don't do the water.
HTH and good luck!
Edit: I should also add that you really need to pack the lump in, give it a shake. Much easier to do if you wire the ring to the charcoal grate and do the double grate mod.

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