Roasted Chick Peas

Len Dennis

TVWBB Diamond Member
Instead of peanuts, how about roasted chick peas with seasonings of your choice? Also called garbanzo beans.

-19oz tin of chick peas
-1T-1 1/2T EVOO
-salt and/or
-your choice of seasonings. Try with JUST salt first time out. Then maybe add garlic powder, onion powder, cumin,
etc. Be stingy though as too much is not the way to go here. You just want a hint of something "extra" if salt doesn't quite
do it for you.

1)Pour the beans into a sieve/colander and briefly wash the liquid off. You don't need the liquid for anything in this recipe.

2)Put the beans onto 1-2 paper towels and dry them off as best you can. Don't be anal about it though. Mostly dry is ok.

3)Pick off/discard any skins.

4)Put the dried beans on a teflon-coated cookie sheet and pour the EVOO onto them. Gently stir to get them all coated.

5)set your oven at 375oF (I use a convection oven so it's 350oF).

6)put the cookie sheet in the oven and bake them for 35-40 minutes (30 min for convection). No need to stir while baking them.

7)start paying attention to them at about the 25 minute mark. You don't want them to burn!.

8)They should be done at 35 min (30 min convection) or a bit less. They won't be noticeably brown but trust me, they're done.

9)You can then either: put the beans in a bowl and add your salt/seasonings of your choice and gently stir them OR leave them on the pan and add salt/seasonings, again stirring gently.

You're going to put them in a bowl anyways but it's your choice.

Remember, you can always add more seasonings if you find you used to little. Hard as heck to remove them if too much was used.

A good healthy snack both in the beans and by using EVOO.