Repair or replacement of Weber Q2200 igniter



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I've been using a long lighter to light my Q, but after refurbing mine, it vexes me that the igniter does not work. Earlier this season, I saw corrosion on the battery contacts and cleaned them with a Q-tip and vinegar and it worked again. For about a month. I've seen off-brand igniters, but they don't rate highly.

Has anyone done a "deep clean" on a Q igniter, or should I just bite the bullet and get one off amazon? Mine is an Ace Q2200 with the silver ignitor button with the black lightning bolt on it. I'd like to know if more contact cleaning might be an easy fix or if I should just get a new one.

It's 10-years old.
If you're running an aftermarket burner it may be the issue not the igniter. Had the same happen to me on my Q320. I was pulling my hair out. Decided to clean the original burner. Stuck it in, works like a champ. Lights within 2 "ticks" of the electronic ignitor. Mine has lithium batteries in it. And I have had the same ones in it since I got the grill from Bruce like 6 or 7 years ago. So likely the burner. Still running same OEM burner as well
Nope, I just replaced the burner tube yesterday, the igniter has not worked in months. The igniter does not click, it's dead. It's not that it's incompatible with the new burner.

I'll try a thorough cleaning of ALL contacts with vinegar and another new battery and see if that does it.
Yeah when in doubt a new battery. Otherwise I think you can get the actual electronic box pretty cheaply
Either that or replace the batter powered igniter with an old style Piezo igniter. They work for 20 plus years and never need new batteries. And they cost a lot less.
I'll try a more thorough vinegar cleaning and new battery first. But maybe I should look for the old Piezo type, if I can find one that fits that particular Q2200. In the end, using a long lighter is fine, but it irritates me now that I cleaned it all up. :cautious:
I think the peizo still fits all Q grills. Weber simply adapted the newe electronic igniters to fit the same mounting hole that the Q's were originally designed with.
Well, well, well, according to the fellow here, Weber may send a new one under lifetime warranty! I did register my Q when I bought it, I'll contact Weber. Don't know what they'll say, but you can't lose what you don't have. And they can't say yes if I don't ask. I'll report back here.
I’ve been down this road a couple of time with both my own and flip Qs. I’ll be honest, I haven’t come up with an effective, repeatable solution. Some Q’s just seem stubborn to light no matter what you do. Regardless of how clean it is or isn’t, my 1200 will sometimes not click for 2-3 seconds before engaging and lighting which makes absolutely no sense at all as it is an electronic ignition. Both the burner and igniter are OEM in this case. I made the switch to all lithium batteries in my personal and flip project grills a couple of years back to avoid any corrosion issues but couldn’t say if it truly is or will ever really make much of a difference or not.
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Well, some more careful cleaning of all contacts with vinegar and it's working again. Does not seem too energetic, but it works. Lights on the after-market burner just fine. I wonder if these have a lifespan? I found on my Weber login I purchased it in 2014, maybe time for a new one in any event.
Yah, I would say 10 years on those electronic igniters is a good run. But, I would probably go aftermarket for a replacement with either the electronic or piezo.
Yet here I am on the original igniter on my 320, and with batteries I have no clue of age LOL yet it keeps on going
Rain and damp conditions along with bad batteries is the two big issues. If you use good batteries and change them at least yearly along with keeping the grill covered out of the rain, the electronic igniters are OK. But any kind of moisture gets inside them and they will give it up fast. Weber finally figured out that mounting them flush on top of a side shelf like they did with the old sidewinder spirit grills was a bad idea. People with those grills would be lucky to have a working igniter by the end of the summer if they just left the grill outside uncovered.
Ok, probably not too relevant nor very popular comment, but in my 2011 Genesis, the igniter quit while under warranty about 7-8 years ago. Weber sent a new one and it lasted even less time. For both I had cleaned the contacts and replace the battery. Flickered on and off over time -- but no go. I finally have gone to a long butane ligher and hardly miss the igniter. Just for info, this grill had always been under cover on a porch.