Recommended accessories


Ray Crick

TVWBB Emerald Member
I have two Weber accessories that I consider to be essential. I have had both for about 15 years and they are still very functional and in good condition. I have used both on my charcoal Weber kettle, my Weber Genesis gas grill, and my new WSM. The items are:

1. Weber Roast holder (Weber # 9501). I use this a lot to support chickens and turkey. It is really easy to remove the cooked bird by just lifting the roast holder and sitting it into a large pan, No messing with tongs, etc.

2. Weber Rib Rack (Weber # 3601). I have used this to increase the amount of food I can cook. I have used it for ribs, chicken pieces, pork chops, etc. It really increases the cooking area as you kind of “stand up” the pieces. By the way, the picture of this accessory on Weber’s site is different looking from mine – but mine is quite older.

I wouldn’t be without these two items.

I wouldn't be without my rotisserie, my charcoal starter, and my grilling basket for veggies.

I don't have anything for my gas grill, as I don't use it that often.
I'll add weber hinged grate to the mix of must haves! Lets you add coals, wood, potatoes (if you like to throw 'em right on the coals like i do) without having to disturb the food.
I have also inserted a second charcoal grate in my kettle that sits crossways to the original to prevent small chunks of lump from falling through, similar to what we do in the WSM's.
For grilling fish, I always use one of those rectangular, flat grills with all the holes in it. Oil it right before you put the fish on. Of course have it in the grill so it can also preheat.