question about fan + servo mode

D Peart

My fan is way too big for my smoker, so I limit it to a max speed of 30%. I still want to use this limit when running fan/servo mode. Do I just set the min/max fan speed and go? If I do this does it limit the servo as well? I need (I think I do anyway) the servo to be the full 0-100 range.


D Peart

OK I figured it out. If I have it set to max only, then when it hits 100% the fan kicks in at max speed setting. I guess there is a big difference in this mode between 100% and 99% :)

I suspect it is ok because that only happens during start up?

Got a couple pork butts to smoke this weekend, looking forward to trying it out.



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I'm pretty sure you can still set the max speed for the fan, and when the HM "requirement" reaches 100% the fan will come on at whatever top speed you had set for the fan. So if you set the max speed at 30%, when the HM hits 100% your fan will come on at 30%.... if that makes sense....

but yes, the fan really only comes on at startup, or perhaps after lid open if the temp is not recovering fast enough.....

Bryan Mayland

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Yeah, what Ralph said. To expand, there's 3 outputs.

-- PID Output: This is what you see everywhere and is the calculated output of the PID control. This runs 0-100% always.
-- Blower Output: Calculated off the PID Output as a linear scale of PID Output % * "Blower Max Speed" (runs 0 to Max Speed). If value is below "Blower Min Speed" then pulse on and off between 0 and Min Speed.
-- Servo Output: Calculated off PID Output as well PID Output % * (Servo Max - Servo Min) + Servo Min (runs Min to Max).