Q2200 Carry Bag?



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One of the guys at work just approached me with this one....he's looking for a carry bag for a Q2200. I did a quick Googling and didn't hit on an exact match. Does anyone have a proven bag that they have used for this particular model before I go down the rabbit hole of grill dimensions / universal bag searching?


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I know they make one for the Q1xx series. They look to be pretty nice and I think they even come with built in wheels. But, I do not know if they make one for the Q2xx series. When I say "they", I am refering to WEBER itself.

I did find this, but I think it is probably only available in Australia. Seems Weber sells a lot of cool stuff overseas that they don't make available to US customers.



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When I was looking for a cover for my Q2xx I saw that one from Oz.
I like the wheel idea, I don't think I would like to carry mine by one handle.