Q&A with Harry Soo & Donna Fong, July 28 - August 2

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Chris Allingham

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Hi everyone,

Donna Fong of Butcher's Daughter BBQ and her fiancé Harry Soo of Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ will be appearing on the Food Network in an episode of Chopped: Grill Masters on July 28, 2015. They will be competing head-to-head in a couple's throwdown to see who's got the best grill skills...should be an epic battle!

Donna and Harry will join us on The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board July 28 - August 2 to take your questions about their experience making the television episode. Everyone who posts a question will have a chance to win Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ rub and t-shirts!

So watch Chopped: Grill Masters on July 28! Post your questions here now or after the show airs!

As always, I ask that each question start as a new thread. It's too confusing to ask new or follow-up questions as part of an existing thread.

In the meantime, Donna and Harry will be publishing a series of blog posts on SlapYoDaddyBBQ.com leading up to the broadcast on July 28. Make sure to check them out:

And to whet your appetite for the action, here's a link to the promotional video on Food Network for Chopped: Grill Masters.

We know you have questions about what's it like to get on a widely watched TV show such a Chopped Grill Masters which was one of the most popular shows on Food Network. Since Chopped began in 2008, only one Grill Master series has been done in 2012. Donna and I were so lucky to be picked as the only two from the West Coast after a nationwide search for 16 contestants. My view of how the journey went is very different than Donna's. Can being on a TV show strengthen or weaken a couple's relationship? Find out as we share our individual (and different) insights from a woman's versus a man's perspective in this thread. Ask away for your chance to win some Slap Yo Daddy rubs and swag.
Not open for further replies.