Purchasing a pellet pooper soon. EX6 or RT-700


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I'm going to go Rec Tec too, but the 340, as soon as Trump sends me my check. If I was willing to wait a year for the kinks to get worked out of the Weber I'd rethink it. I do like the look of the EX4.
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Matt Q

Thank you everyone. After much deliberation I have decided to go with the Rec Tec. It will be a little weird seeing something other than a Weber on our patio, but everyone has that one weird cousin in their family so it is about time one joined mine.
I am sure you will love the Rec Tec!!!

Jon Tofte

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My experience with my RecTec:
- It just works.
- I think it looks good.
- Lots of thick gauge stainless steel, including the grates.
- The PID controller is really stable. The only time the temp fluctuates is when I open the door.
- The app just works. I can start, stop, and change temp from the app, or at the grill. Here is my only issue, and it is small. The alarm in the app that lets you know when meat has reached a desired temp hasn't worked for me. I think there is a fix, but I haven't chased it down yet. It's really a minor issue.
- The hopper on the RT-700 holds 40 pounds of pellets. My RT-590 holds 30 pounds of pellets.
- It is so easy and trouble free that I use it a lot. Every couple of cooks, I replace foil on the drip pan and grab a handful of ash out of the firepot.
That is an identical assessment to my own!


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That is an identical assessment to my own!
Watched a bunch of reviews of the Rec-Tec and I think it’s a beauty. If I didn’t have an EX6 sitting in the backyard I could see going that option.
Hope you guys enjoy them please post some reviews and cooks.