Probe Reading High


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I have just bought a smoker with a heatermeter 4.2 fitted and one of the probes seems to be reading very high.

I have checked probe 1 and 3 and they are about right and have calibrated and offset using boiling water as a reference.

However probe 2 is reading 360°F, is there something wrong or should I just use a huge offset?


Are all 3 probes the same make & model? Do you have that make/model selected as the probe preset within the heatermeter config?

Bryan Mayland

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Yeah there should be no need to use an offset more than 1-2 degrees for thermistor probes. If you've verified that the configuration is correct (correct probe preset and 10000 resist). If that checks out then measure the voltage at the atmega, compare the voltages at PIT, FO1, FO2, FO3 (one for each probe). The probe you're having an issue with probably has a voltage than the others. From there you just need to trace it back and see what solder joint is bridged or floating using the reference diagram for.. reference.