Printing HM stand

Michel Kraaij

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I was so impressed with the HeaterMeter case print quality that I gave myself a little present: a 3D printer!
Now printing the stands designed by @WBegg.

(added all components in one print. Lets hope this doesn't mess up :ROFLMAO:)



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It looks to me like you could salvage that header. Use a drill bit to gently open the tops of the holes and then smooth out the top just don't go too deep that you hit the pins. I would try that first before trying to unsolder it it can be tricky to remove that many pins without damaging the board.

Michel Kraaij

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Wow, that was a tight squeeze with those braces. But with a little help of WD40 and clamps I got them in perfectly!


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The cross braces are a little long, as they were designed for the old style case. You can shorten them up by scaling the appropriate axis in your slicer, though.