Press Release: Harry Soo appearance on Chopped Grill Masters


Chris Allingham

Staff member

Los Angeles county resident among 16 chosen in nationwide search to be on Food Network Chopped Grill Masters

Food Network Chopped Grill Masters: Episode Three airs July 28 @ 7 pm

Two of the competitors in this Grill Masters fight are engaged to be married, but can they both make it to the final round? In the first round, a succulent seafood and an odd ice cream are two of the surprises in the mystery basket. Then in the second round of live-fire cooking, the chefs are shocked to find a live ingredient.
When a delicate ingredient flames up on the grill in the dessert round, can one chef’s dish be salvaged?

Competitors: Donna Fong, Leslie Roark Scott, Harry Soo, Tom Spaulding
Host: Ted Allen
Judges: Scott Conant, Alex Guarnaschelli, Tim Love

Harry Soo - resident of Diamond Bar
Originally a pilot from Malaysia, Harry arrived in the States in the 1980s and was introduced to barbecue while attending Texas Tech. His IT colleagues convinced him to do a barbecue competition, which he ended up winning, and since then Harry has never looked back. He is the grill master for his team, Slap Yo Daddy BBQ, which has won 27 grand championships and is now a world-wide brand.