possibly the dumbest cat ever


John K BBQ

I still like cats, but I'm becoming more of a dog person... especially since my new best friend/golden retriever "Brooklyn" is on the scene. Here's a couple of photos of our cat Dodger, and Brooklyn which I submit as evidence, that he really might be the dumbest cat of all time;

Here, Dodger is snuggling with Brooklyn, thinking that all is well, and that a 1 year old Golden Retriever would never hurt him.
Brookie and Dodge  - snuggling.jpg

Here is Dodger, with his head in Brooklyn's mouth hoping he was right. You can sort of tell Brooklyn knows she's misbehaving. I told her to stop, or there would be no ice cream for desert later if she hurt the cat. ;) Dodger in Brooklyns Mouth.jpg

Bruce McClure

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DH says, SA =Smart *** and BR=Boca Raton :ROFLMAO: (ohhh, now I have a new name for DH lol)

Now what does SABR really stand for?
Anyone with clever baseball historic knowledge needs to join the Society for American Baseball Research! I've been a member for years. When I'm not grilling, I'm following the game.