PizzaKettle - Wood Fired Pizza on the Weber

Well pizza night was much better than last week, made four and cooked four and all were great. I let the fire brick get hot from charcoal for 45 min or more. Added my wood when it hit 600* started cooking pizza. I left them on the wire trays. I found the lower lid on the 18 perfect the tops cooked faster than the bottom. I think if I go to the 3/4 inch stone it will be perfect.
Made a peperoni, a Hawaiian (ham, pineapple, cheese), a sausg, peppers, onions, black olives, peperoni, cheese, and a sausg, peperoni, ham, peppers, olives, cheese.
Nice pizzas and the tray method seems to be working great for you! I didn't have much luck using a tray. Maybe a different dough recipe or ingredients? Whatever, never argue with success! I love the look of the bottom photo. That, my friend, is what is all about! Congrats!
I just used my PizzaKettle for the first time.

I started with one full chimney of Kingsford, the leftover charcoal in my grill, and 3 fist-sized pieces of hardwood. Based on some of the above posts, I expected it to take an hour to get up to temperature and was surprised when I was at 500F in 15 minutes and pegged the thermometer at 800F after 20 minutes. We cooked our pizzas at about 700F and they were outstanding (except for the one I dumped on the deck). My wife is expert at using the peels, so I got out of the way an let her do it right.

We are very pleased with the PizzaKettle after our one use.
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