Pizza Kettle/Weber BBQ - Serious Eats Hack

I have a large Big Green Egg and I'm fairly certain that the above setup will do a better job easier, but I'm still practicing making pizzas on the BGE. The above pizzas are my benchmark, anything else and I can just use my indoor oven cheaper and faster.
I am getting the full Kettle Pizza set up for Christmas
Really excited to try something new in backyard cooking

Looking forward to sharing what I discover along the way
I was reading this and thought I would give it a bump. I might pull the trigger on one of these, but I have a few observations that I believe could save others some decent "dough". One is the baking steel on the Good Eats kit. It's very nice, but overkill. Baking steel is meant to replace a baking stone and not be used as a deflector. A lot of people prefer the baking steel to the stone, so maybe switching the two would be a better alternative. (Tombstone on top/ baking steel on bottom) Now having said that, I like the tombstone and custom grate it sits on. It makes the unit work like a true pizza oven. The set up I am planning is to just use the regular KP ring, with a regular stone on bottom and my Lodge pizza pan on to to do the reflecting since I already have them. I guarantee they will work exactly the same. Notice the baking steel top already has all of those holes, so my method should work just the same. Here's another really cool trick I use and you can use on a regular kettle without the KP or with the KP. When you put your coals underneath to heat soak the stone put some more colas on the top grate behind the stone and let that crank out for a while. You are sure to cook the topping really well like this. I have been practicing with this method lately. Sorry I am having trouble with my image hosting (Image Shat, they want me to subscribe now) and can't upload new pictures, but here's a link to them. Not bad for a regular kettle and stone I think.:)
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I know they don't sell them in the US, but I just picked one up at my local Ace Hardware. The shipping label did say it came from Holland, but for $150, I had to pull the trigger. I rushed it home and it looks sooo nice.