Pet names on Valentine's Day


Mike Durso

TVWBB Super Fan
So we all have pet names for our toys.. be they guitars, smokers, of cars.

We know the WSM as the bullet. I always called the 22 the Bomber. some leg incarnations looked just like that!

Has the 22 been unofficially christened a name? the double deuce? the bomber?

What names do you have for yours? I just call mine the smoker. i suppose when it's working well you can say it's your little baby or something. Maybe when it's not working... umm?

I also thought that if the 1880 came out, we could nest them like dolls. Who's going to have a gif file with the 22 having an 18 pop out followed by the 14??


craig hess


Have enjoyed reading the Q&A

I have 2 22 1/2 OTGs...The first one I purchased is called The Waker...I've only had my second one for a few months so it's yet to be named...

Why The Waker? Its a song from my favorite band Widespread Panic and on my all day smokes, I'm up at 4 or 5am firing it up...

Chris Allingham

Staff member
I've never named my Weber grills for some reason. I know a number of people around here have, some noted in their signatures. Maybe they will share.

I tried putting the 18" on top of the 22" charcoal grate and then sliding the 22" middle section over the top, but the grill straps got in the way and I didn't want to remove them just for the sake of an interesting photo.


Bob H.

TVWBB Hall of Fame
Some of my cars have had names, some not too complimentary, but so far none of my cookers.
Maybe if had a ranch kettle I could find a name for it.


New member
I got my 22 WSM a few weeks ago and have named it Bwana. Strong, Black & Tall. I never thought to name the others, I guess it was to differentiate from my 18 WSM.

Pat Smith

TVWBB Wizard
I recently assembled a second WSM from pieces and parts that I got from folks on the TWVB so we would have an additional smoker if we end up cooking any comps this year.

I dubbed them Uno and Duo, kinda like the pizza places in Chicago.