Patio Storage


Jim Smithson

What have some of you used for patio storage? I am sick of running back to forth to garage for charcoal, wood, water pan, grill, chimney, aluminum foil, goes on and on.

I would like a more attractive (not a plastic box) storage bin for 1 bag charcoal, wood (in plastic bag) and all the above. But I want it waterproof!

I have seen wood outside coolers...but I have some concerns that is too air tight.

Comment or suggestions?
Sam's Club has a perfect shed for smoking and barbecue stuff made by Thinking Outside, but I couldn't find it on the Sam's Club web site. It has two wheels and is large enough to contain the Weber Wok and all accessories. I bought some pot stands at Lowe's and place them inside the box. Keeps everything neat and in one place.

Why not just build one? It is easy enough to do, and you can make it just your own style,