Orange Marmalade Sriracha Wings

OK so I've tried this recipe several times and I can't get the sauce to stick well to the wings...the glaze only ends up being as thick (and runny) as my last brushing. WTH ?
Neil, I can't imagine what the problem might be - when I cook 'em, I just use tongs to dip the wings into the pot, and the sauce sticks like glue - even after adding some cider vinegar to give it some kick as well as acting as a thinning agent - although there IS some "drippage" which really gunks-up my grill!

Are you grilling totally over indirect heat? I can't say for sure, but that may contribute to your problem; perhaps you could try grilling directly (I know Larry's directions call for indirect) over the coals the last few minutes and see what happens.

Good luck.
Has anyone used a rub on these other than Larry's rub?
Or is the rub recipe posted somewhere and I just missed it? (or can it be purchased on-line?)

I use Webers zesty lemon or kick'n chicken rubs. Usually the zesty lemon.
I usually cook wings indirect at about 400 degrees F. Does this sound OK for this recipe? Will I have to worry about the sauce burning (due to high sugar content)?

I've never measured the temps while grilling 'em - I use a modified two-zone charcoal briquette configuration with the lid off - that said, I wouldn't think, based on my experiences, that you'd have a problem with the sauce burning when cooking indirect - I know I haven't....

According to Larry's grilling instructions, included in the link provided to me by Dave/G 9 posts above, indirect grilling @ 350º doesn't seem to pose any problems.
Thanks Rooster. I don't know how I missed that link after reading through the post twice but I did
. Anyway, I used the sauce last night on some thighs and drumsticks and didn't have any problems.
Tried these for the first time last nite...pretty **** good. Really liked that sauce quite a bit and will be using that again on some other lucky chicken parts in the near future.

Welcome to the forum...yeah, dems some good dead chicken parts alright - just take the advice from Larry et al., and don't spend so much time chizzlin' the crud off the bottom of yer grill like I did the first time I tried 'em, just leave it lie and let the next batch of hot coals burn off the residue....
Bob, I don't like really hot food, but I do like moderately-hot stuff; for ME, I can generally gauge a food's spiciness based on a simple test: if it makes the top of my head sweat, then it's too hot for me - that recipe, for me, was just right, and my head didn't sweat....

Hope that helps you out!
Thanks Rooster, sounds like I like about the same level of heat as you. I'm making this sometime during the week.
Thanks for sharing the great recipe Larry! I tried these last night. My son (who is a pretty picky eater) saw me mixing the sauce and was VERY skeptical. He cleaned his plate, and I got a "That was pretty good!" out of him - music to my ears. I really like the way the Srirachi sauce works with the recipe and will probably add a bit more next time for a little more heat.
Oh wow, I gotta try these. I'm a sriracha junky. I just love how you can keep adding more and more of it, balance it with something sweet, and the flavor just gets crazy intense. Mmmmm, the Mrs. and I will love this...

Originally posted by jerry elliott:
used this in YORK PA. this weekend came in 5th

York has BBQ contests? My hometown... I never knew...