"One Grill" 32"x 1/2" Hexagon Stainless Steel(SS) Spit Rod

I am presently using a One Grill 32"x 5/16" Crome Spit Rod that came with Cajun Bandit(CB) Rotisserie Kit for my Weber Performer Deluxe. I am wanting to upgrade to the above titled One-Piece SS Spit Rod but there are no SS 32" X 5/16" manufactured by One Grill; so, I am wanting to go to the next size SS Spit Rod which is the SS 32"x 1/2" Hexagon Spit Rod.

I contacted Chris Perres at Cajun Bandit who stated that the SS 32x 1/2" Hexagon Spit Rod may be a tight fit through the hole pictured in the photo below where the Spit Rod enters the Rotisserie Motor Bracket and Motor. I took a tape measure of the width of this this hole and it is 3/4" wide. Also, the slot where the Rotisserie Handle and Counter Weight sits is also 3/4" wide. So, I am assuming that a 1/2" Hexagon SS Spit Rod can pass through or maybe not?? Chris also stated that the Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Ring Kit for the 22" Weber Kettle is made to primarily fit the One Grill 32"x 5/16" Crome Spit Rod.

So, will appreciate comments from you Forum Members on this subject and maybe some of you are actually are using the One Grill 32" x 1/2" SS Hexagon Spit Rod for your Cajun Bandit Rotisserie Ring on your 22" Weber Kettle.


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