On Big Z for tonight

And while Big Z was doing it's thing and making nice aromas I was taking babies for a ride. Wife has not quite figured out her new phone yet so pics not the best. We got her the new Samsung Galaxy V Flip 5. She's not figured out holding it as straight or steady. But she got us anyway. And no, when babies are riding the mower deck is not going. I see people doing that and I cringe
Looks like a great day!
How was the steak?
Not a scrap left. Was deeeeelish. Daughter was so hungry I could not even rest it all the way but still wonderful. Though I will say, this one came from Costco. They use that blade machine on everything. I prefer the ones from Sam's. I only bought these because, I was at Costco and the day I did it we needed something. So they had the 2 packs on sale. This was the second one. But, if I ever buy pre-cut steaks I prefer buying them from Sam's as they simply cut and pack. They don't try to alter them.
No lines on it BTW. But, Big Z finished it with a nice exterior crust.